Breakwater Point Complex






Break Water Point will be a hub of culture and a centre for excellence in education set in a uniquely scenic environment within the dynamics of a characteristic architectural complex enhanced by water features built into the design providing a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The surrounding cliff face will provide protection from known harsh climatic conditions. A unique waterfall feature that cascades into a saltwater basin at the base of the vertical cliff face will provide an eye-catching contrast to the complex and seascape.

The saltwater basin will function as a safe haven for the penguin colony which is currently under threat from the increasing seal population. This feature will allow the penguin population to recover and further encourage nesting on Granite Island.

These added features will offer visitors a greater understanding of the marine environment together with a deeper appreciation of self-worth.

Creative recreation is a means of expressing one’s feelings and emotions thereby creating a sense of being in harmony with nature and self-achievement.

Break Water Point will deliver what is required in terms of sustainable tourist development (A constructive recreation scheme based on learning and self-fulfilment highlighting human values).


Australian Society for Education through Art (ASEA)

Initiated by UNESCO, its core belief involves the need for applying perception, feeling and imagination and the qualities of art to education.

As Albert Einstein Declared: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” 

Contextual relevance

The 1882 fragmented aftermath of the breakwater quarry site lead to an inspirational sculptural design concept in 1989 - 2016 for Granite Island.
As sunrises and sunsets have cast years of heartfelt shadows on the face of creation on our island.
Dynamic forces of past destruction reveal the geometric patterns
and guidelines, these became the key elements in the achievement of a sculptural vision.
The Pythagorean – Philosophy personified the formation of a layout a numerical division of time – 1,2,3,4 – making the sum of 10.
Ten being the metric number of the sciences.
As four is the number of our seasons – compass and psyche,
Thought – Intuition – Sensation – Feeling.
This subliminal visual dream has taken form in a creative way, in hope of healing cultural diversity on a previous sacred site.
A public survey spawned new ideas shaping this future concept.  It inspired people and opened up new perspectives that enabled them to embrace unusual and innovative solutions.
Our modern redesign brings unique and elegant features and style to the fore.
  • A perimeter aquarium creating an illusion of the sculptural building concept floating on water.
  • A stylish 1,280 sq metre modular solar panel roof line providing 200 KLW of power
  • A glass transparent beacon tower exposing the spiral stair to the crow’s nest
  • Undercover viewing stations to scenic features
  • Symbolic feature -Cliff face tear drop waterfall
  • A first in pre-construction as all components are manufactured on the mainland
  • A responsible floor level 800mm above natural ground level
  • No excavation of foundations
  • All segmented components are barged over to the island building site,
saving on construction time on site


This sculptural art building provides a 21st century style for our island

         an iconic building with a purpose and identity worthy of presence on the world stage.

BREAK WATER POINT – Activity Scope
Gallery Display – Aboriginal Art
In the 21st Century our visual arts have embraced modern art to a universal degree kindering abstraction. Australia’s Aboriginal Art being the forerunner of the Abstract Movement.  Whether we look to the past or the present, it is markedly individualistic as an art form and as a pure expression of the interpretative mind of the characteristics of our country. The traditional owners of this land saw their vast continent as a spiritual land-mass, not merely in terms of its length, breadth and depth but also in the fourth dimension incorporating human beings and events in which they played and dreamed and were freed in time.
The Break Water Point Gallery will focus on Aboriginal Art in conjunction with ‘Tandanya’ in Adelaide including having in-depth conversations with local Ramindjeri and Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Traditional Elders on such matters as storey telling, theatre, dance, lore and music. (introductory concept)
The Oceanic Museum – Ground Floor
This Museum will provide up to date information on major oceanic topics including global warming, whaling, exploration, conceptual concepts on energy, sea rescue information, displays and artefacts, fishing and an aquarium display thereby providing a broad base of marine and oceanic studies.
The Mawson Museum - First Floor
This Interpretive Centre will display the role and achievements of pioneer explorers to Antarctica and the South Pole. Current informative details of historical events and studies, supported by photographs and exhibits retained from early expeditions will be displayed to support our understanding of polar exploration.
Public Space Centre – First Floor
A venue for public viewing from the Island taking in natural weather conditions. This area can also be utilised for special events such as conferences, seminars, training, writer’s week forums etc.
Restaurant – Wine Tasting Venue
This facility will provide a dual role as required for:
(a)  Wine tasting to showcase Fleurieu wineries and/or other local produce
(b)  Special functions for wine and dine events
Beacon Tower – Multiple Functions
  • Sea Rescue and Communications Tower
  • Yachting lookout for race events etc.
  • Security monitoring camera station
  • Down lighting system for Break Water complex
  • Beacon light for Granite Island
Break Water Point – The Interior
The interior design features incorporated throughout the entire complex will be treated with minimal effect to allow the visitor to have an insight of the construction materials and details used in the building.
This unique approach cuts costs and has an educational effect.
The simplicity of the structural prefabrication process used is a paramount feature complementing the overall design.  It will be seen that environmental considerations were incorporated as floor levels were raised, minimising excavation and thereby providing a buffer of 800mm to allow for possible rise in sea level.
Causeway TransportThe Horse Drawn Tram experience is unique and enables visitors to Granite Island to avail them of a mode of transport to and from the Island that is reflective of Victor Harbor’s historic past. This journey is a major drawcard to the area and arrival at Break Water Point by Horse Drawn Tram will further enhance the visitor experience. It is highly recommended that consideration be given to placing operation and control of the Horse Tram to the CGIA.