This Proposal recommends that the seventy kilometre Sculpture Symposium Drive from the Adelaide Hills and meandering through to the Fleurieu Region could conclude at a Sculpture Park to be established and located on Granite Island.

Further, our policy makers in Government are urged to establish a Cultural Granite Island Authority (CGIA) granting the Island Recreation Reserve status to be a Sculpture Park.

The location is a well-known South Australian landmark and a principal attraction to date is the historic Causeway bridging the gap between the coastal community of Victor Harbor and Granite Island which would benefit markedly if this policy is supported.

This particular Nature Reserve features magnificent natural rock formations and a dramatic coastline. The natural environment will serve as a backdrop to an ever changing turnover of sculptural work by noted sculptors and artists who will have the opportunity to exhibit on allocated areas set within the reserve. This has world class potential.

Regular sculpture competitions will be held on a seasonal basis on the protected Northern side of the Island (to be known as the Winter Garden) thereby creating an opportunity for an influx of tourists and visitors garnering public interest in the Island.

The CGIA could in time encourage philanthropists and entrepreneurs to invest in and create a unique new business model by establishing a ‘Charitable Foundation’ that supports the arts (refer: to the CASS Sculpture Foundation in the United Kingdom).

As South Australia demonstrated in 2000 through the establishment of the Heysen Sculpture Biennial (also identified as the ‘International Sculpture Symposium’ Ref: Treasurer Nigel Steele Scott) we are strong contenders for creating excellence.

A concept for Granite Island to be developed as a Sculpture Park was presented to the Victor Harbor Council and the Minister for Environment and Planning, Hon Susan Lenehan in 1989; however, the concept was not advanced further then most probably because the idea was before its time.

Over the Years may successful Sculptural walks and Parks have been achieved

This could be the first Island Sculpture Park

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